Rough Video Footage For Final

I am happy with the footage we got, but I cant help but think we might need to re shoot with a better camera. If anyone has access to one (talking to my group members here) please get a hold of it ASAP.  All in all the filming process was a great group activity in creativity.



Milestones and Hurdles Redux

I must be blunt and honest about the current group situation, it is simply dismal. This is not a reflection on the effort of my group members but more so upon myself. I have not been involved in the creative/production process as much as I should have been and  now I feel that my group finds itself at a standstill creatively because of my lackadaisical effort. This is the first hurdle that I must face for the group in order to simply complete our project. The second hurdle would be getting on the same page about the direction of the video. I feel as though the theme of awareness we initially agreed upon as a group will not suffice for the purposes of our final project. I feel as though centralizing around the theme of awareness, especially for the college student demographic we define as our audience, would be the equivalent of beating a dead horse. For example students on our very own campus are already very aware of the difficulties caused by spinal cord injuries due to injury sustained by former Rutgers student athlete Eric Legrand. I believe that this level of awareness (or something comparable) exists across the nation at every major college campus. I feel as though it would be more advantageous and beneficial for both my group and the Reeves foundation if we “redirected” the aim of our video to the theme of advocacy. It is a safe assumption that among the masses of college students who are aware of the difficulties faced by those who suffer spinal chord injuries there already exists a sub group of individuals willing to champion the cause of the Reeve foundation but are unaware of how to become true advocates of the mission. However, this not to say our group has not achieved any milestones, I just feel as though we shouldn’t rest on our laurels, per say, with so much work ahead of us.

Three Media Pieces

As we approach the deadline for our final project it is essential that my groupmates and I gather as much useful media content from the world wide web. Below are three examples of media (a song,  video,  picture)found by way of the Creative Commons Search website that I felt were relevant or useful to our groups objective.



I felt as this video centered around a key theme to our final project, awareness, and could easily imagine the use of  the audio portion of the video for a voice over segment in your final project video for the Reeves foundation. Overall I think it essential that the outside video footage we choose to use falls in line with the theme of our video and reflects the values detailed in the foundation’s mission statement. I found this video on by way of the Creative Commons Search Engine by searching awareness (who would of thought right?) and it has no usage restrictions.


I found this song using the Jamendo search engine on  CCSearch using the keywords acoustic guitar and instrumental because I felt an unaccompanied acoustic guitar would create an introspective atmosphere  sonically for our video. Ideally, I would produce the song that serves as the backdrop to our project using either GarageBand or the more complex Logic Pro ( either would suffice). Last but not least the song I put together for our project will incorporate a classical sound as the song below.


The photo comes from the  Cluster Munition Coalition.Cluster Munition Coalition's buddy icon. I found the photograph via the Flickr search engine on the CCSearch site by searching the phrase “handicap awareness”.
The picture features a group of individuals handicapped by cluster bombs and their respective  families, and though that does not have much to do with the Reeves Foundations mission statement and research aims this photograph is relevant to our final project because it illustrates the idea of coexistence while exuding a sense of community in my opinion.

Post Storyboard: Inspiring an Interest

Sadly our group was not able to meet this week and were only able to discuss ideas for our final project during class last monday. Thankfully we were able to divide up the work due for this week (and submit the storyboard and writing assignment) without seeing each other this week. Unfortunately we cannot continue this course of action and must meet this upcoming week at least once in person and once online (via Google Hangout or Skype).  I must be honest and admit I was not the person who put together the storyboard but I can solemn swear that I heavily contributed to the discussion of my groups intended methodology for the video.

Creative Direction


Personally I am excited to get to work with my group on our final project because I thoroughly enjoyed completing my Mid-term project and I expect this project to produce a similar reaction. First and foremost I hope my group mates understand that great team communication can only be achieved by our mutual open-mindedness towards each others ideas. Secondly I hope our project will be thoroughly brainstormed upon before creating a storyboard and committing to any idea. My approach to the project would center around interviewing an individual (someone known personally by myself or one of my group members) who has unfortunately experienced a spinal chord injury resulting in paralysis (has become handicapped essentially) in an effort to enlighten college students how fortunate they really are  (such as those at Rutgers like myself) so that after viewing our video they would be inspired to partake in advocacy of this overlooked cause and contact the Reeves foundation .

Setting Up My Blog

First off I  would like to say hello for the very first time to my readers (alright just my classmates). Building this blog was a labor of love, and thankfully I completed this homework hours before its deadline. Choosing a theme was probably the hardest part of this process, and I still don’t think I am comfortable with mine. We were asked to read an article that was supposed to help us spruce up our blogs, but it merely made me paranoid.

Just kidding,  the article provided by our gracious instructor made everything easy. I was able to complete the whole process in only a matter of ten minutes or so. I envisioned a minimalistic blog for myself and quickly made this vision a reality. The only speed bump was my attempt at changing the font color of my menu. I presume the theme I chose doesn’t allow for that. Or maybe WordPress charges users for everything… Hopefully I can resolve this issue soon. This is the end of my official first post and I thank you for your time.